balanced HYBRID

THC:  31.8%
CBD : .07%
TERPENES :  2.92%

farnesene, caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, humulene, linalool

Crushed Velvet is an unreleased cultivar from Ethos Genetics that yields well-formed, medium sized buds. The complex fragrance instantly hits with sweet’n’sour notes of citrus rind, cherry and cranberry mixed with an ever-so-slight undertone of a savoury chicken dinner served with a side of waffles topped with a stanky sprinkling of blue cheese. There’s something reminiscent of Tropicana Cookies and Rainbow Driver with Crushed Velvet’s aromatic qualities, the likes of which translate surprisingly well to its almost sativa-like flavour profile.

Coming straight from the living soil beds that brought you the award winning Mint Chocolate Chip as well as the highly regarded Crunch Berries and Mendoz Stomper, Sweetgrass again brings another exotic and enticing organic flower option to the BC market.


Breeder: ETHOS Genetics
Orange Velvet Underground x End Game #5