balanced HYBRID

 50% sativa / 50% indica

THC: 27-30% *
CBD: .05% *
TERPENES: 3-4% *
Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Farnesene, Linalool


The dense, resin-laden buds of Mint Chocolate Chip are packed with a unique and rich herbaceous aroma that exude a certain skunkiness when broken open. Notes of cool mint and subtle chocolate become more apparent when the flower is combusted making for a smooth smoke that finishes with a slight tang on the exhale.

The high comes on quickly and can be a potent motivator. Energetic and clear, the effects can help focus the mind while grounding the body in a level of relaxation that trends towards the more sedate as time passes. With a number of positive mental and physical benefits reported by users, Mint Chocolate Chip is a highly versatile strain that will readily appeal to a diverse selection of people on both solo and social ventures.


BREEDER: Exotic Genetix
GENETICS: Mystery Cookies  X  Green Ribbon BX
AROMA: Minty, herbal, sweet, sour, hint of chocolate
FLAVOUR: Herbal, earthy, nutty, woody
EFFECTS: Mentally uplifting, happy, energizing with a relaxing body high

*THC, CBD and terpene values are averages based on regular lab tests.