THC: 26-29% *
CBD: .02% *
TERPENES: 3.35% *
Beta-myrcene, Farnesene, Trans-caryophyllene,


The tight buds of Mendoz Stomper are light green with pastel accents, punctuated with ochre pistils. The outside of the flower is coated with a dense covering of trichomes which makes for some sticky handling. Each nug is packed with an over-powering sweet to floral aroma that leans towards its Mendo lineage. Expect to encounter a robust and zesty nose of musk and gassy/chemical-like fuel, with a sharp sweet and sour note that points to an intermingling of berry hints and citrus rind. The taste to smell translation is spot on with this one and the effects are quick to take hold.


BREEDER: Sunken Treasure Seeds
GENETICS: Mendo Breath x Oz Kush x Mac Stomper
AROMA: Sweet, floral, musk, gas
FLAVOUR: Sweet-sour, berry, citrus, fuel
EFFECTS: Relaxing, calming, creative, happy, euphoric

*THC, CBD and terpene values are averages based on regular lab tests.