15% sativa / 85% indica

THC: 24% *
CBD: .04% *
Caryophyllene,  Humulene, Myrcene, Limonene, Farnesene


At first glance this indica leaning hybrid shows off some impressive colouration with its bright autumn pistils set against deep purple foliage and dusted with a frosty sheen of sticky trichomes. A complex mingling of aromas present themselves with an initial hit of sweet citrus and notes of berry that gives way to grassy undertones. Nothing short of delicious, these scents follow through assuredly in vape and joint alike.

The full body high is user-friendly and suitable for any time of day or night. Effects are long lasting and deliver a warm and imaginative head-swim. There’s a surge of productivity that works in concert with a steadfast calm, leaving you smiling and social. Sunset Sherbet can be strong at times – a little can go a long way, making it ideal to share with friends.


BREEDER: Mr. Sherbinski
GENETICS: Girl Scout Cookies  X  Pink Panties
AROMA: Skunky, musty, citrus, berry, fruity
FLAVOUR: Berry, citrus, fruity, sweet, earthy
EFFECTS: Creative, euphoric, happy, relaxing, focused
BENEFITS: May help relieve ADD/ADHD, anxiety, stress, mood swings, chronic pain, depression, insomnia and loss of appetite.

*THC, CBD and terpene values are averages based on regular lab tests.