It’s been awhile since we visited this page but it’s probably time for an update now that we’ve settled into somewhat of a groove over here.

Sweetgrass finally entered the BC market in April of 2022 and led the way with 3.5 gram packets of Mint Chocolate Chip and Crunch Berries. Our initial delivery to the BCLDB sold out on the first day which was an encouraging sign that there was interest in the market for some Kootenay-grown, certified organic, living soil cannabis.

We’ve since restocked the LDB several times and, after 4 months, we’ve been receiving consistently strong reviews for both cultivars. It’s been great to see the feedback roll in while we worked on building relationships with retailers, industry folk and consumers around the province. In May we introduced a new cultivar called Mendoz Stomper which was released as a limited edition drop. 85 cases sold out in 20 minutes and the response from the public was overwhelming positive for this high test hybrid. We subsequently grew more of it and have now added it to the regular roster of our in-house genetics.

Recently, Sweetgrass also entered the market in Manitoba and we’ve been enjoying getting familiar with their direct delivery system. This perhaps is something that will help prepare us for the direct delivery model that BC is implementing this month.

Also worth mentioning here is our ongoing business-to-business bulk deal with EastCann in Nova Scotia. Via this outlet, we ship our processed flower out east to be packaged up and sold under the EastCann brand in Ontario and the Maritime provinces. Additionally, they’ve secured some international deals for our flower to be exported to Israel and Australia.



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