Farm gate sales look to be rolling out in 2022

There have been many significant leaps and bounds in the cannabis sector since Canada federally legalized it for recreational use in 2018. Keeping up with all of the latest developments has been a task and the amount of bureaucratic hoops we’ve had to jump through has taken commitment, but this bit of news about ‘farm gate’ has us looking towards next year with anticipation.

It was announced in September 2020 that the province of BC will allow cannabis producers “greater access to local retailers and consumers through direct delivery and farm gate sales programs” *. While there are still many details about the program yet to be revealed, this announcement suggests that micro-producers like Sweetgrass will be able to market and sell our cannabis flower directly to dispensaries and to recreational clients via our very own dispensary-type shop. The implications of this are worth noting as it means that we would be in a better position to oversee our sales and distribution and, most importantly, to have a more immediate relationship with our customers and clients.

We’ll be following this proposed program closely over the year and will provide updates when more details are released by the BC government. In the meantime, read more about the farm-gate development here:



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